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We love athletics!!! Atletiek is ons lewe................... Kom ons geniet ons Atletiek 2012!!
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Junior Super Athletes

Bioanabolics the Safe way


Why you should know about Bioanabolics

Your body needs the best


By Chris de Beer

When the body is able to produce something, say creatine, there should generally be no need to take over its job by injecting, drinking or eating anything to enhance the process.

I believe in absolutely natural foods and natural medicine for anyone involved in sport or other physical activities. If the correct foods and natural products are taken, it should not be necessary to add extra creatine or sugars.

Your body, which creates creatine, among many things, functions much the same way as motorcar: the better the fuel the better the performance. And you are certainly not going to feed your pride and joy dirty, low-octane fuel. You know all too well what will happen.

However, if your specific activity demands more than your normal diet provides to the body, there is a range of Bioanabolics products that you can consider. These, I believe, provide the best form of natural anabolic enhancement and support of the body’s energy system.

Bioanabolics have absolutely zero conversion to any by-products. Therefore, they do not produce any unwanted side effects that may occur when unnatural products are taken, such as stomach discomfort, bloating, water retention and diarrhoea.

Bioanabolics support the energy system directly and enhance the sensors of the nerve system, also directly. They enable athletes and cyclists, for example, to go faster and react faster. Your “fine feeling” like I have called it, nerve system will be more sensible. It enhances the tonus in the muscles and will be able to react better than normal.

Bioanabolics are absorbed into the bloodstream where they are eventually absorbed into the muscle tissue and converted naturally into phosphocreatine (energy). This energy compound is directly responsible for explosive energy.

By taking Bioanabolics you directly support the (ATP-PC) energy system, so that your explosive energy is sustained at the highest levels possible. This is the same with a racing car that will perform better with high-octane fuel.

The ATP-PC system is only one of three energy systems that work in conjunction with each other during physical activity. However, depending on the duration of training and the fitness level of the individual, certain energy systems will become more dominant. 

What is ATP-PC Energy?

Energy is required for any muscular activity to take place. The source from where the human body obtains this energy is a compound called adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Energy is released by the breakdown of ATP.

ATP is created when an energy-rich compound called phosphocreatine (PC), which is stored in the muscle, breaks down. The energy released from the breakdown of PC occurs when the free phosphate joins with another compound, adenosine-diphosphate (ADP), which is found in muscle tissue.

When ATP breaks into ADP, energy is released and it essentially helps provide more fuel for the muscle cells to create more ATP.

The other system in motion is the Glycolytic (GC) system.

GC is the anaerobic energy system that the body uses when the ATP-PC system has reached its limit. It’s also called the ATP Turning Point and it can be measured.

This ATP Turning Point is used by most European coaches to measure fitness. The longer it takes for the GC System to kick in, the fitter the athlete they believe. Also called the lactate threshold and has been defined as that point during exercise of increasing intensity at witch blood lactate begins to accumulate above resting levels. (Philip et al., 2005).

This system creates ATP by using the carbohydrates in the food we eat. The carbohydrates break down, naturally, into glucose, which the muscle cells will convert into energy or ATP to contract.  This process is called glycolysis. A by-product and glycogenolysis during high intensity exercise, hydrogen ions are produced inside the muscle cell. To prevent hydrogen ion accumulation these ions are co-transported with lactate into the circulation. And lactate is no longer seen as a waste product of glycolysis and will increase lactate thus appear in the circulation whenever the glycolysis rate is high. (Noakes. 2001).

This is where Bioanabolics come in, to disperse all radicals and will help circulation there of. The oxidative/fat system then takes over where the glycolytic system stops.

This is an aerobic energy system that is used more often during endurance training such as long-distance running or cycling.  Muscle tissue uses carbohydrates and stores from adipose sites (tissue where fat is stored) as an energy source.

Carbohydrates break down from blood sugar into glucose and glucose is again converted into glycogen. Glycogen, fat and oxygen are then converted into energy or ATP for muscle contraction.

BioCycle, part of the Bioanabolics range, enhances the carosine (dipeptide) amino-acids found inside muscle cells and will enhance the blood glucose diffuse into the active muscle cells and buffer/block the muscle fatigue build-up; that burning sensation you feel in the muscles will stay away longer.

Cornosine (electroplex) in BioCycle will help the build-up of hydrogen ions and prevent the burning feeling.

BioFlexor as a recovery remedy can make the stiffness and burning disappear if it does happen. Small tears in the muscles will heal quicker because of the anti-inflammatory and oxidative qualities in the product.

BioFlexor is a unique formulation of natural, regenerating and anti-inflammatory ingredients, perfectly balanced to promote an absorption ratio of more than 80 per cent. Will also help with the stimulation production of blood vessel lines and improves blood circulation. Will help with the alleviation of toxic acids like urine acid build-up. (Please be-aware that these findings is no statements but my experience and studies done and based on research done by very well known scientists in SA and Europe)    

BioFlexor is “The ultimate recovery product I have ever come a long”. Alleviate fatigue absolutely!

Chris de Beer – 083 6546426





Ons Super Athletes ondersteun Drug Free Sport

Ons Super Athletes ondersteun


No Drugs for us

Excellent !!! Well done aan ons atlete met vanoggend se pretdraf

Pretdraf by Bedworth

Welkom aan ons Junior Super Athletes

Junior Super Athletes

Ai ons toekomstige Proteas of is dit Springbokke?

Julle maatjies kom binnekort saam oefen……

Foto’s van ons Super Athletes

Gaan loer na jouself by

Afskop met ons Hoërskool atlete

Na die lekker koue van die week het ons vandag met alle erns begin oefen. Baie van ons atlete is nog besig met wintersport maar ek en Nic is in ons noppies met die begin.

Afskop, dag een

Afskop dag een

Alle atlete

So paar vragies:

Waarnatoe is jy oppad met jou atletiek? maw wat is jou visie?
Wat wil jy bereik? (Hoekom)?
Sal jy harder oefen as jy moes?